Backendless SDKs:

A Backendless SDK is an essential component for starting development with Backendless. Each SDK includes a library native to the corresponding environment with the APIs and application examples.

Once you download an SDK, make sure to create a developer account. Using the account, you can login into the Backendless Console to manage your applications. The examples included into the SDKs demonstrate various functionality of the service. You will need to make a minor modification to the examples sources so they run in the context of your Backendless application (see the PDF document within the SDK distribution for additional details):

 Backendless SDK for JavaScript check git for release date. Quick Start Guide Github

 Backendless SDK iOS and Mac OS X check git for release date. Quick Start Guide Github

 Backendless SDK v3.0.25 for Android released 02.28.2017. Quick Start Guide Github

 Backendless SDK v3.0.14 for PHP released 04.15.2015. Quick Start Guide Github

 Backendless SDK v3.0.7 for .NET (Windows Phone) released 02.19.2016  Github

 Backendless SDK v2.0 for ActionScript (Flex/AIR) released 06.07.2015  Github

Code Runners:

CodeRunner™ v3.0.19 for Java released 07.04.2016

 CodeRunner™ v3.0.0 for PHP released 04.15.2015