Pricing Plans for Every Application

Whether you’re just starting out with a brand new app or transitioning to Backendless from another platform, we have a plan to fit your needs. You can get started with a free Backendless Cloud plan that scales as you grow, or get additional support and functionality with Backendless Pro and Managed Backendless.

Best for
Individuals & Small Businesses
Backendless Cloud
Start for Free

Getting started with Backendless Cloud is easy. Simply register to instantly start building your app on the free plan where you can experience all the features of the platform, no credit card required. When you’re ready to scale up, you can easily upgrade to one of our affordable paid plans to meet your server resource and database capability needs.

Medium to Large Enterprises & Established Businesses
Backendless Pro

Install an instance of the Backendless Platform anywhere – developer’s computer, private data center, public cloud, it’s up to you. Our on-premise product has no functional limitations whatsoever and can easily scale to handle very high transactional volume. Each product component runs in an independent Docker container and supports unlimited horizontal scaling.

Managed Backendless
Fully Managed

A dedicated cluster running the Backendless Platform which we stage exclusively for your app/company. The service is fully managed – we monitor the installation 24×7 to ensure its smooth and reliable operation, backed by our service uptime guarantee. There are no functional limits to let your application grow infinitely. You get the limitless qualities of Backendless Pro with the convenience of Backendless Cloud.