Backendless File Browser – One Place For All File Management Tasks

by on September 1, 2019

Every Backendless backend includes a file storage space that can be used by your application or can host your web application. The space is managed with the Backendless File Service, a core element of the Backendless platform. The service provides APIs for file upload/download and deletion, manages files/directories permissions, and handles git integration. Backendless Console includes a powerful visual tool for file storage management – File Browser conveniently available behind the Files icon.

Once you navigate to File Browser, it shows a listing of files and directories from the file storage from your Backendless backend. The tool makes it very easy to navigate through the directory structure, upload and delete files, set permissions for files and directories, create new files right in the browser and even archive (ZIP) any directory. All of these features will be reviewed in detail in the Recipe series.

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