Bubble Just Made Data Storage Unaffordable. Now What?

by on March 16, 2022

Bubble pricing change announcement

Today, Bubble announced a major change in their pricing structure. Intended to make their pricing “more predictable and easier to understand”, the reality was clear to their community:

Bubble is simply not scalable anymore.

(Update 3/17/22: Bubble has since “paused” the pricing change after a massive uproar from their community. Still, uncertainty remains and trust, it seems, has been broken.)

Limitations on data storage included in the pricing change make it prohibitively expensive to store data at scale with the platform.

You can view the pricing below. For comparison, where $320/month gives you 200,000 “Database things”, Backendless Cloud starts at 100,000 data objects (same difference) starting $15/month with the ability to add on 200,000 objects (in all tables) for just $10 more.

This comes along with existing concerns about Bubble’s database performance, which has shown a tendency to collapse under “large” data sets (even as little as 10K data objects).

The team at Backendless is no stranger to the perils of “NoSQL gone wrong“.

We’ve seen it happen time and time again. The rise and fall of Parse. The implosion of Firebase.

Bubble’s pricing change feels a lot like deja vu.

But there’s no need to worry, Backendless has you covered.

We offer much higher data storage limits at a much more affordable price.

What’s more, our platform integrates easily with Bubble, making it easy to use Backendless Database for Bubble app data storage.

Plus, we have a no-code UI Builder, making it the perfect all-in-one solution for building an app without code.

Check out all four of our free video tutorial courses, including our new User Management course, on our YouTube channel to learn all about what Backendless has to offer!

Don’t let Bubble’s pricing change scare you away.

Backendless has you covered. Start for free today!

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