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Building a Xamarin ToDo List with Backendless
February 26, 2019 by Sergey Kukurudzyak

It is very easy to use Backendless with Xamarin, Microsoft’s open source native app builder. You can try out Xamarin for building apps for free with the Community edition of Visual Studio from Microsoft. In this post, we’re going to create a simple example based on the Xamarin ToDo list sample provided by Xamarin.

Backendless with Xamarin

  1. Download and install Xamarin studio.
  2. Download ToDo sample.
  3. Open it with Visual Studio and run the sample:
    Xamarin ToDo App in Visual Studio
    Now we have a project with SQLite storage.
  4. Go to Backendless console and create an application for the sample. If you don’t have a Backendless account, you can create a free one here.
  5. Add the Nuget Backendless package:
    Add Nuget Packages in Backendless
  6. Initialize Backendless with your application id  and API key :
    App ID and API Key in Backendless
    I have chosen to use the Windows Phone API key , but the name of API key only matters for analytics, so you can choose any API key except the  Code Runner API key , because this API key has additional privileges such as assign role to user.
  7. Go to the  App.cs  file and init the app in the OnStart  method:

  8. Then we should change the TodoItem.cs  file:

  9. And finally change TodoItemDatabase.cs  to use Backendless instead of SQLite:

That’s all! Now your basic ToDo sample app works with the Backendless database.

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