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by on August 31, 2022

Email Templates in Backendless Marketplace

Backendless Email Templates let you compose custom emails with your own design and content. You can then easily automate and send your emails using Codeless logic and our pre-built APIs.

We have added over 100 new professional Email Templates, available for free in the Backendless Marketplace. These templates are fully customizable, either with code or using our visual editor.

With “Smart Text”, you can add dynamic content to your messages based on the Database data associated with the email recipients.

Each of these new Email Templates is professionally designed to deliver an eye-catching experience for your users. Now, you can take these free templates to add color and flair to your email messages sent to your users and team members!

Where to find the new Email Templates

Email Templates are available on the Backendless Marketplace. Click the link to view all 100+ on the web.

Email Templates in Backendless Marketplace

Within Backendless Console, adding an email template to your project is super simple. All you have to do is navigate to the Messaging section and select the EMAILS tab in your Backendless Backend and choose Install template from marketplace:

Access email templates in Backendless Console

When you click the Install template from marketplace link, you will see the full list of available templates.

Install email template from Backendless Marketplace

You can demo each email to see the full template as a webpage. Locate the template you’d like, select it, and click install to add it to your app.

Select and install email template from Backendless Marketplace

The template is immediately available in your app.

Edit email template in Backendless Console

As you can see in the screenshot above, email templates have full access to Smart Text. Smart Text lets you add recipient information directly from your Backendless Database. This way, you can fully customize your emails to speak directly to the target user.

(You can learn more about using Smart Text in the context of push notifications here and here.)

Add smart text to email template

Smart Text can be added to the subject line or message body – or both!

As with all Backendless emails, you can easily add attachments, send test emails, and even generate code.

For those of you that are comfortable digging into the code, we give you full access to view and edit the template’s source code.

View email source code

Sending with Email Templates

Like all emails in Backendless, you can use Codeless blocks (below) and API code such as our REST Send Emails with Templates API to send templated emails.

Send Email from Template Codeless Block

You can learn more about sending emails using templates in our Email Template How To guide here.

Whether you’re building entirely within the Backendless ecosystem or using Backendless for email only, you can take full advantage of these templates!

That’s all for now, but with 100+ templates now available, there’s still plenty more to explore!

We hope these templates will make your post-development life significantly easier. To learn all about how Backendless makes User Management a breeze, be sure to check out our free User Management video course.

Are there other templates you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

As always, Happy Codeless Coding!

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