How To Run Backendless REST APIs In Postman

by on April 28, 2020

As a developer, you often need to run a test query or send an API request to see the server response. Our REST docs show examples using curl, but that may not always be convenient. You may need to play with the API request arguments, change the body, etc., and modifying your curl command is not as straightforward. To make it easier, we created a collection of our API Services for Postman.

If you are not familiar with Postman, it is a desktop tool that lets you run API requests and see the server responses. You can easily change the endpoint URLs, request headers, and body.

Backendless has been integrated with Postman since 2017. As new Backendless features have been released, our library of APIs available to test has grown.

Adding our API collection to Postman is now as simple as a click of a button because that button is integrated directly into Backendless Console (see below). Check out the video above for an overview of the integration.

Run API in Postman

Getting Started With Postman

Postman is available as a native application for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. The Postman plugin for Chrome, mentioned in the video, has been deprecated. When you select your operating system, you’ll have the option to download the application if you do not already have it.

Postman for Windows

When the application opens, it will already have Backendless installed. All Backendless APIs are categorized into folders to make it easy to navigate to the API you need.

Making an invocation is as simple as selecting an API and hitting “Send”. Once sent, you can immediately check your Backendless Database to see changes in Real-Time.

Since there are a lot of parameters for various API calls, it is possible to parameterize all the individual API invocations through the feature that Postman calls “Environments”. For each environment, you can store many of your API parameters to be available for use globally on any API.

Backendless provides this integration with Postman because we want to make building and testing APIs as easy as possible. Backendless is not just a mobile backend as a service provider, we are also a premier API as a Service platform as well.

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