Transfer List Component

by on November 16, 2022

Transfer List UI Component

Give your users the power to add and remove items from a fixed list with the Transfer List component in UI Builder.

The Transfer List component, available free in Backendless Marketplace, lets the user select any or all items in a pre-set list and move them into a new list. The user can also remove items that they decide they don’t want.

Transfer List UI Component example

Lists created with this component can easily be stored in your Backendless Database as a JSON object or saved on the frontend to affect future options available to the user.

Read the full documentation here.

How to Install the Transfer List Component

Installing custom components from Backendless Marketplace is super easy. First, in UI Builder, select the Components tab.

Go to Components in UI Builder

There, you will see a button labeled Install Component. This will take you to the library of components available in the Marketplace.

Install UI Component in UI Builder

When you click Install Component, you will open a list of available UI Components to install.

Install UI Component in UI Builder

Select the component you want and click Install.

When you return to the User Interface tab, you will see a new section added to your toolkit on the right-hand side called Custom Components.

Customize Transfer List building blocks

You can then simply drag the component onto your canvas just like any other UI Component.

How the Transfer List Component Works

When added to your app, the Transfer List component offers several basic functions out of the box.

The component comes with two list types: basic and enhanced. The enhanced type gives the user the ability to select all and deselect all and shows the selected/total item ratio, while the basic type only shows the items and checkboxes.

Basic Transfer List

Basic Transfer List

Enhanced Transfer List

Enhanced Transfer List

As you can see above, the basic list does have a move all button for both directions, allowing the user to transfer all items from one list to the other with a single click.

The side panel gives you the ability to add raw JSON data for each list. The easiest way to create your lists, however, is going to be using Codeless logic:

Transfer List left list Codeless data

The above logic creates the list demonstrated at the top of this article.

Available Options and What They Mean

Once you have placed your component, when you select it, you will see all of the available options (properties) for the component in the toolkit area. These are the default settings for the component that you can easily adjust.

Each of the available properties are described in the table below. For more information, such as Theme styles and event handlers, visit the Transfer List GitHub repo.

Property Type Default value Logic Data Binding UI Setting Description
Disabled Checkbox false Disabled Logic YES YES This handler allows you to disable a component.
List Type Select
“basic” | “enhanced”
‘basic’ List Type Logic YES YES This handler allows you to select a list with or without a title.
Left List Title Text ‘Choices’ List Type Logic YES YES This handler allows you to specify the title of the list to the left.
Right List Title Text ‘Chosen’ List Type Logic YES YES This handler allows you to specify the title of the list to the right.
Left List Items JSON Left List Items Logic YES YES This handler allows you to add items to display in the left list. Watch Codeless Examples. Signature of item: {value: String, label: String}.
Right List Items JSON Right List Items Logic YES YES This handler allows you to add items to display in the right list. Watch Codeless Examples Signature of item: {value: String, label: String}.


When you click on the Logic icon or tab for the component, you will see the modifiable event handlers, just as you would with a standard component. However, the main logic for the component – the logic that makes it work – is hidden to protect it from accidentally being broken.

Additionally, in the Logic area, you will also find all available data binding properties.

That’s it! Ready to try it for yourself?

The Transfer List component is one of many custom components available now in Backendless Marketplace, completely free!

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