Panic Mode in Backendless Cloud Enterprise

by on August 4, 2022

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The Backendless Cloud Enterprise Plan provides enterprise-level security features at an affordable price. Panic Mode is a key feature that gives you peace of mind in the event that a team member’s login credentials are compromised.

Panic Mode is a powerful security feature for protecting your data from unwanted access. Panic Mode comes standard as part of the Cloud Enterprise Plan.

Panic Mode can be manually activated if you suspect or know that your team’s login credentials have been compromised.

Cloud Enterprise Panic Mode in Backendless Console

As you can see in the screenshot above, activating Panic Mode triggers a number of security measures.

  • All developer sessions with Backendless Console will be invalidated and terminated
  • No one will be able to access your Backendless application through Backendless Console
  • All application users will be logged out
  • All API calls will be rejected
  • All Cloud Code timer executions will stop

When choosing to activate Panic Mode, you will be able to select the specific actions taken.

Panic Mode options

Once activated, your data will be protected from external access. This will give you time to determine the severity of the breach – if any – and take precautions, such as blocking individual users, changing user login credentials, or changing user permissions.

Panic Mode is just one of the enterprise-caliber database security measures Backendless has put in place with the Backendless Cloud Enterprise plan. You can read about the other key features below:

The Cloud Enterprise Plan lets you develop enterprise-scale applications with or without code on the Backendless platform while maintaining maximum security.

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