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Build apps for clients at light speed, iterate rapidly, deliver on time.

Do you build mobile or web applications for clients? Build with Backendless and you can reduce your development time, development team resources, and, of course, monetary cost.

Backendless’ low-code and no-code solutions make planning, design, development, and iteration easy. As requirements shift over the course of a project, Backendless makes it simple to deliver the app that fits your client’s needs.

About The Partner Plan

The Backendless Partner Plan is build for agencies and freelance developers just like you. As a Backendless partner, you can create up to twenty (20) apps at once using the Backendless Cloud platform. These apps are all on the incredibly robust Springboard plan, with high limits and access to virtually every feature of the platform. You will not need to complete missions or pay the one-time fee to activate the plan for each of your apps.


Unlimited team members


Unlimited team members

Full stack app development platform

Full Stack App
Development Platform

Unlike most low-code or no-code solutions that focus on either frontend or backend, the Backendless platform gives you a full suite of features on both the client side and server side. With Backendless as your app development tool, you will be able to quickly build hybrid mobile and web apps that work seamlessly across platforms, no third-party integrations needed.

Backendless offers the most powerful and feature-rich code-free backend with a visual database, Codeless logic builder, Cloud Code, in-app messaging support, and push notifications.

Team-driven development


Backendless makes it easy and affordable to build apps as a team. With the Partner plan, as with other Backendless plans, you can have unlimited team members assigned to each app. Since each app you own in your Backendless account is separate, you can assign team members to specific projects without fear of a team member accessing an app that they lack permission to see.

Team members simply have to create their own free Backendless account to work on an app you own. The team member must use a corporate email address when signing up to be eligible to join a Partner Plan project (@gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, etc. are not permitted).

Client hand-off


When an app is ready, it can be transferred to your client using the “Ownership Transfer” feature. At that time, the new owner must choose a paid plan for the app; the app cannot stay on the Springboard plan once transferred.

Additionally, upon hand-off, the app is cloned to create a development version. If your client would like to keep the development version on the Springboard plan, a $50 one time fee will apply.

Serverless hosting

Serverless Hosting

When your client is ready to go live with their app, they won’t have to hassle with server setup, migration, and maintenance. Backendless can host and scale with any app, from a few users to a few million.

Priority support

Priority Support

Support requests submitted by partners get higher priority than general topics submitted through the forum or Backendless Slack channel.

Additional Partner Plan Details

Full Feature Access

The Backendless Springboard plan is one of the most comprehensive free development plans in the mobile app development space. Aside from publishing the app for public consumption, there’s virtually nothing you can’t do on the Springboard plan. You will have full access to every feature that your client could need when they publish the app, whether it’s an internal-use web app or a mobile app going on the app store.


Once the app has been passed to your client, they will have the option to keep as many of your team members on the app’s team as they like. This way, you will easily be able to jump in for error fixes, updates, questions, and so on.


Every new Backendless app receives its own auto-generated subdomain on the domain. This is where your app will be hosted during the development process. You have the option to host your app on your own domain, but external access (such as a client visiting the domain) may trigger the plan’s super scaling restriction. Once the client takes over the app, they will be able to easily relocate the app to their own domain without the same concern. Apps on the Cloud 9 plan and above have super scaling active automatically.


Backendless does not place a logo or watermark on any apps built on the platform, including on the Springboard plan. Your client will only see your branding, if any.


Backendless has a robust roles-based security system included for all paid plans. Your client will be able to limit or remove your and your team members’ ability to modify or even view specific areas of the app once they take ownership. This allows your client to protect their proprietary data while still enabling you and your team to support the app.

Promotional Visibility

As a member of the Backendless partner program, you will be able to opt-in to placement in our Partner Directory. There, users can submit a bid request that will be automatically distributed to all partners that opt-in to the program. We will also list your company name, logo, website, and real-world location.

Roadmap Input

All partners are invited to a special monthly zoom call where we discuss the Backendless internal development roadmap. You will have a chance to have your voice heard and influence the direction we take the platform.


To cancel the plan, all apps in the account must be deleted.


To sign up for the Partner Plan, you must contact us through the form below. The plan is not available to all developers; partners will be vetted before acceptance into the program.

Note that the Partner Plan should only be used on apps that are built for clients. Violation of this rule can lead to the cancellation of your Partner Plan or the termination of your Backendless account.

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