Backendless For Developers

Getting started with Backendless is easy with our thorough Quick Start Guides, API Documentation, and Resources. We have the tools to help you integrate Backendless into the most common client-side languages on the market.

UI Builder

UI Builder is a no-code, drag-and-drop interface for building the frontend of your app or website. Whether your application is intended for mobile, web, or both, you can design for all platforms. UI Builder integrates seamlessly with your Backendless backend. We have created video tutorials to help you navigate the many features of UI Builder, including components, Codeless logic, and database integration.


JavaScript applications can use Backendless with the APIs available in the Backendless SDK for JavaScript. The SDK can be used in client-side applications built with plain JS or with a JS-based framework such as React, ReactNative and Angular. Additionally, the SDK can also be used in Node.js applications or in Cloud Code deployed to Backendless servers.


Backendless provides complete support for Flutter applications with our SDK for Flutter. The SDK supports both Android and iOS build targets and implements all available Backendless APIs.


Backendless provides complete support for Android and Java applications with our SDK for Android/Java. The SDK implements all available APIs and comes with thorough and detailed documentation.


Backendless provides complete support for iOS (Swift and Objective-C) applications with our SDKs for iOS. The SDKs implement all available APIs and come with thorough and detailed documentation.


Backendless provides excellent support for .NET applications via our SDK for .NET. The SDK implements all available APIs and can be used in .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Xamarin and Xamarin Forms.


Backendless provides a complete set of REST APIs for all of the functionality offered by the platform. This includes user management, database functions, sending out push notifications, working with the file repository and geolocation.


Codeless is a system for creating server code without any programming language knowledge. You can design and implement powerful API and IoT Services and other server-side types of logic with an intuitive graphical interface. Developing server code or business logic can be a daunting task. Codeless makes it a fun and exciting process. With Codeless you do not need to know a programming language and still can create powerful programs and deploy them to Backendless. It is a complete system which includes a graphical logic editor, a help system, a testing facility and extensive documentation with plenty of guides to help you get started.

Cloud Code

Backendless Cloud Code is a system designed to allow extensibility and customization of an app backend with custom server-side code. Using Cloud Code developers can override and extend the built-in Backendless services or deploy custom API services. The system supports different types custom business logic: API services, event handlers and timers.


Explore all of the powerful functionality that Backendless has to offer with our library of “How To” guides that we like to call Recipes. Each function is a key ingredient in your application’s success.

User Management and API
How to Register App Users With the User Registration API
How to Deliver a Customizable Welcome Email When a User Registers for Your App
How to Login Registered Users to a Backendless App Using the User Login API
How to Enable or Disable Users of Your Mobile Application
How to Change a User’s Password as an Administrator
How to Require Email Confirmation for User Registration
How to Handle User Logins With the Same User Credentials
Dynamic User Definition With the Registration API
Required User Properties for User Registrations
How to Update a User Account Using User Service API
How to Fetch an Application’s User Objects
How to Disable User Registrations With a Single Click
How to Register/Update a User With Related Data Object(s)
How to Register App Users Manually Using Backendless Console
How to Delete Users via API or Backendless Console
How to Change a User’s Password via API (If the User Can Login)
How to Customize Session Timeouts
How to Customize Messages for Email Address Confirmation (Upon User Registration)
How to Logout the Current User With the User Logout API
How to Change a User’s Password via API If User Cannot Login (Temp Password)
How to Customize ‘Forgot Password’ Email Message
How to Change a User’s Password via API If User Cannot Login (Password Reset)
How to Validate User Properties With Regular Expressions
Secure OAuth 2.0 Login Support
Codeless OAuth API & Email API Attachments
Send An Automated SMS Message When Registering A New User
Backendless User Management Course
2FA Login Plugin Featuring TOTP