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Set Current User

The user-token is treated as a user property across login methods, including the AppleLogin API Service. This method refreshes the value in the LocalStorage (keys: USER_TOKEN | CURRENT_USER_ID | STAY_LOGGED_IN).

If stayLoggedIn=false, the method simply resets the value in the LocalStorage. Then the setCurrentUser method wraps the hash-map object into a BackendlessUser instance, changes the user status to the currentUser, and refreshes the user-token in RT when approriate.


function setCurrentUser<T = Backendless.User>(user?: Object, stayLoggedIn?: boolean): T;


const user = await Backendless.UserService.login('', 'password')
Backendless.UserService.setCurrentUser(user, true)

Return value:

The server returns true if a token is valid, false otherwise.