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Client-side Setup

To get access to the Backendless services, JavaScript applications must reference the backendless.js library. The library can be retrieved using any of the approaches listed below:

  • Use NPM:

    npm i backendless

  • Reference the library with the URLs below:

    non-compressed library (mapped to the latest released version):
    minified/compressed library:
    TypeScript library:
    Specific versions of the library can be referenced with the following URL format:

Before the JavaScript client uses any of the APIs, the code must initialize the Backendless Application using the following call:

Backendless.initApp( application-Id, api-key )

Application ID and API Key

Values for the application-id and api-key arguments in the application initialization call must be obtained through the Backendless Console:

  1. Login to your account and select the application.
  2. Click the Manage icon from the vertical icon-menu on the left.
  3. The App Settings section is selected by default. The interface contains values for Application ID and API keys for each supported client-side environment.
  4. Use the Copy icon to copy the value into the system clipboard.

Make sure to use the "JavaScript API Key" for the api-key argument.