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User Service API Overview

The Backendless User Service provides the functionality related to the user accounts such as user registrations, logins, password recovery and logouts. The core concept which the User Service relies on is the User entity. All user objects are stored in the Users table in Backendless. You can configure the structure (schema) of the Users table, that means you can decide which properties "describe" a user in the context of your application. Typically, properties describing a user are the ones collected during the user registration process, however, there are no limits for what the structure of the User object/database record. The User Service provides the API enabling the following functionality for the applications built with Backendless:

  • User Registration- Applications use the Backendless' registration API to let the users register and create accounts for subsequent logins. Application developers can restrict access to the server-side resources for specific user accounts or based on roles.
  • User Login - the API lets the registered users login to establish their identity within the application.
  • Password Recovery - Backendless supports a complete workflow allowing users to recover lost or forgotten passwords.
  • User Logout - the API lets the logged in users terminate their session and disassociate their identity from the application.
  • Updating User Registration - the API supports the operation of updating user information.