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Custom Web Template Hosting

A client-to-backend workflow may include interaction with web pages presented to the users of the application. Consider the following scenarios:

  • User registration. When a user registers with an application, he receives an email with a link to a page. Clicking the link acknowledges that the email address is valid and the user account is confirmed.
  • Password change. When a user requests password change (or password recovery), an email is sent to the user with a link to a web page where they can reset the password.
  • Session expiration. When a user session with the application expires, he is redirected to a webpage.

All these use cases have something in common - they all force the user to interact with a web page. The templates for these pages are available in the /web/templates path of the backend's file storage:


The look and feel as well as the logic in the pages can be customized by modifying the HTML/CSS /JS files provided for each template. For example, the contents of the change_password folder is:


The "out-of-the-box" rendering of the pages is shown below:

Registration confirmation page:


Password change page:


Session expiration page: