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Push Notifications

Applications developed using UI Builder have robust support for native mobile push notifications. This comprehensive support encompasses the following capabilities:

  • Registration and deregistration of devices to receive push notifications, along with the ability to associate a user's account with their device registration.
  • Seamless response to push notifications by directing users to specific pages when they tap on the notification.

Before incorporating any Codeless logic related to push notifications, it is imperative to meet the prerequisite of configuring your development environment correctly. Please consult the Android and iOS configuration instructions to ensure proper setup.

Device Registration

To register device for push notifications, use the Register Device for Push Notifications block:


For the channel name connector, you should provide a string value that corresponds to the name of the messaging channel through which push notifications will be transmitted. For information about sending out push notifications, see the following sections of the Backendless Developer Guide:

Successful result of the device registration will be a record in the DeviceRegistration table in the Backendless database:


If the Register Device for Push Notifications block is used after the user logs in, the device registration will be linked to the user account. You can see it in the same DeviceRegistration table - device registrations will show a value for the related user column (see the screenshot below). This may be important if you plan to send out personalized push notifications, i.e. notifications with content personalized based on the data related to the user who receives the notification.


Return Value

If the return value checkbox is selected, the Codeless block registers the device and returns an object with the deviceToken property. The value of the property can be used to query the DeviceRegistration database table. Below is an example of how a deviceToken value can be obtained from the device registration response:


Unregistering Device

In some cases your application needs to remove device registration from push notifications. For example, when user logs out, it does not make sense for the notifications to keep arriving to the user's device. To remove device registration use the Unregister Device block, for example: