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Native Flutter Shell

The Backendless Flutter Shell presents a comprehensive solution tailored to enhance the capabilities of applications crafted through UI Builder. This dynamic offering encompasses the following key functionalities:

  • Access to Mobile Native Functions:
    Seamlessly tap into an array of mobile native functions, including but not limited to the user's contact list, push notifications, and the share panel. This ensures a seamless and integrated user experience, harnessing the power of the device's inherent capabilities.
  • Bidirectional Communication Empowerment:
    Facilitate an advanced level of interaction by enabling bidirectional communication between the native code and the code/logic embedded within a UI Builder application. This dynamic communication bridge augments the interoperability and fluidity of your app's functionality.
  • Deployment to App Stores:
    Embrace the streamlined process of publishing your applications to the esteemed Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This integration empowers you to showcase and distribute your creations to a global audience with ease.

The core of this solution lies in the native mobile app shell, ingeniously enveloping your app within a robust Flutter wrapper. This wrapper effectively delivers your application's functionality through a mobile native layer. Consequently, you gain access to the complete spectrum of native mobile app capabilities, granting you the capacity to deploy your app on both Android and iOS devices.

Experience the synergy of Backendless Flutter Shell  - a gateway to a world of heightened functionalities and seamless deployment. Harness the potential of mobile native functions, facilitate advanced communication, and usher your applications into the prominent realms of the Apple and Google app stores.