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The Native Flutter Shell boasts a seamless integration with the runtime environment that powers UI Builder pages. This integration facilitates two-way communication between the native code running within the Flutter Shell and the logic executed in UI pages. The system offers a variety of pre-built Codeless blocks, simplifying the utilization of mobile native functionality. Furthermore, it allows you to bridge the UI Builder and Flutter Shell integration, enabling the invocation of custom Flutter code from a UI Builder page and vice versa - triggering logic within a UI page from code running in the Flutter Shell.

The pre-built Codeless functionality includes:

  • Getting a list of contacts from the device
  • Opening the Share Sheet for resource sharing
  • Retrieving the status of camera permissions
  • Registering/unregistering for push notifications
  • Subscribing to receive push notifications
  • Executing a native method in Flutter

All Codeless blocks providing access to the native mobile functionality are available in the Native API section of the Codeless logic toolbox: