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Deleting object from cache

This method deleted an object from cache if it is present there. All methods are available via Backendless.Cache.[methodname] accessor:

// synchronous method
public void Delete( String key )

// asynchronous methods
public void Delete( String key, AsyncCallback<Object> callback )


Argument                Description
key identifies the object to delete from cache.
callback the callback used for asynchronous calls to deliver result or fault to the calling program.


AsyncCallback<Object> callback = new AsyncCallback<Object>(
result =>
  System.Console.WriteLine( "[ASYNC] object has been deleted from cache" );
fault =>
  System.Console.WriteLine( "Error - " + fault );
} );

// delete object asynchronously
Backendless.Cache.Delete( "firstorder", callback );

// delete object synchronously
Backendless.Cache.Delete( "firstorder" );