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Triggering Create Event

To trigger an event, create and save a new instance of the Order object in the Backendless database. This can be done with any Backendless SDK (Android, iOS, JS, .NET), REST API or Backendless Console:

var orderObject = new Dictionary<string, object>();
orderObject[ "OrderAmount" ] = 1200;
orderObject[ "OrderName" ] = "Sample Order";
Backendless.Data.Of( "Order" ).SaveAsync( orderObject );

Order class:

namespace TestApplication
 public class Order
   public string ObjectId{ get; set; }
   public string OrderName{ get; set; }
   public double OrderAmount{ get; set; }
Creating an instance of Order and saving it in the database:
var order = new Order
  OrderAmount = 1200,
  OrderName = "Sample Order"
Backendless.Data.Of<Order>().SaveAsync( order );