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Triggering Update Event

To trigger an event, update an existing Order object in the Backendless database. This can be done with any Backendless SDK (Android, iOS, JS, .NET), REST API or Backendless Console:

var orderObject = // retrieve an existing object from the database;

// update a property in the object
orderObject[ "OrderAmount" ] = 1200;

// now save the updated object
Backendless.Data.Of( "Order" ).SaveAsync( orderObject );

Order class:

namespace TestApplication
 public class Order
   public string ObjectId{ get; set; }
   public string OrderName{ get; set; }
   public double OrderAmount{ get; set; }
Updating an instance of Order and saving it in the database:
var order = // retrieve an order from the database

// update a property in the object
order.OrderAmount = 2000;

// save the object in the database
Backendless.Data.Of<Order>().SaveAsync( order );