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Deleting a File

To delete a file from the Backendless file storage, it must be identified by the file path/name. Files in the Backendless storage have the following URL structure:<application id>/<REST API key>/files/<path>/<file name>

The API to delete a file uses the <path>/<filename> part to identify the file which must be deleted.

Blocking API

public void BackendlessAPI.Backendless.Files.Remove( string filePath )

Non-Blocking API

public void BackendlessAPI.Backendless.Files.Remove( string filePath, AsyncCallback callback )

 filePath - Path of the file to delete. The path must consist of the file path and file name. callback - A responder object which receives a callback when the method successfully deletes the file or if an error occurs. Example:

AsyncCallback<object> callback = new AsyncCallback<object>(
        result =>
          System.Console.WriteLine( "File deleted" );

        fault =>
          System.Console.WriteLine( "Error - " + fault );
        } );

BackendlessAPI.Backendless.Files.Remove( "myfiles/test.txt", callback );