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Moving a File/Directory

Blocking API

public string MoveFile( String sourcePathName, String targetPath )

Non-Blocking API

public void MoveFile( String sourcePathName, String targetPath, AsyncCallback<string> responder )


Argument                Description
sourcePathName a path identifying file or directory to move. The path must start with the root directory of the remote file storage.
targetPath a path to a directory where the source file or directory should be moved to. If the directory does not exist, it is created.
responder A responder object which receives a callback when the method successfully completes or if an error occurs. Applies to the asynchronous methods only.

Return value

Absolute path to the copied file or directory.


The example below describes how to move a file called readme.txt located in the /documentationdirectory to the /updated-docs directory:

Backendless.Files.MoveFile( "/documentation/readme.txt", "/updated-docs" );


The server may return the following errors:

Error Code
Error message
User has no permissions to specified resource
Occurs when the user (anonymous or logged in) has no permission to modify the file
File or directory cannot be found.
Occurs when the source file/directory cannot be found.
Path contains prohibited symbols: {path name}

The specified resource was not found
Occurs when the API requests to rename a non-existent file or a directory.
Unable to modify file/folder: file/folder already exists: {file/directory name}
Occurs when the target file/directory already exists.
Unable to move file to file

File already exists in target directory

Parameter {param name} cannot be null
Occurs when one of the parameters is null.
Missing field {field name}
Occurs in REST APIs when one of the required fields is missing in the body.
Content type should be 'application/json'
Occurs in REST API when the request's content type is not application/json