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Get File Count

This operation returns the number of files and optionally directories located in the specified path. Additional options include:

  • pattern filtering - counts files and directories which match the pattern.
  • recursive counting - when enabled, counts all matching files and directories while recursively traversing the directory structure.


Argument                Description
path path of a directory in the Backendless files storage starting with /
pattern a pattern which the counted files and optionally directories (if the recursive parameter is set to true) must match. Backendless supports two formats for pattern: glob and regular expressions. You can specify the pattern matching format to use with a prefix as shown below:
glob:profilepic*.png or regex:pic[0-9]\.png. If the prefix format is not specified, Backendless treats the pattern as glob.
recursive if set to true, recursively count matching files in all subdirectories.
countDirectories if set to true, count directories in addition to files.