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Backendless Cache API Overview

Backendless Caching API provides a way to temporarily store data on the server in a highly efficient in-memory cache. The cache storage accepts key-value pairs where key is a string and value can be a primitive or complex data structure (arrays, complex types, maps/dictionaries, etc). The caching mechanism is cross-platform, that means Backendless automatically takes care of adapting data between heterogeneous client types. For instance, an Android client can put into cache an instance of Java object of type Person and an iOS (or any other) client can retrieve that object as an instance of the corresponding iOS (or other client type) class.


  • Maximum time duration a value can stay in cache is 2 hours (7200 seconds), but it's "life" can be extended with an API request.
  • Before an object is placed in cache, it is serialized as a byte array. The size of the serialized object cannot exceed 10240 bytes.
  • Number of objects in Cache vary in different Backendless Cloud plans. There is no limit for Backendless Pro.