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Get Message Status

Backendless processes push notification delivery asynchronously. Even when the client app uses blocking/synchronous API, the server creates a push notification delivery task and adds to a queue. Server assigns an ID to the task and returns it to the client as messageId. As a result, push notification delivery status is not available right away. To retrieve the status, the client application must make a separate API call documented below:

Blocking API

Backendless.Messaging.getMessageStatus( String messageId );

Non-Blocking API

Backendless.Messaging.getMessageStatus( String messageId, AsyncCallback<MessageStatus> responder );


messageId-  ID of the message assigned to the message and returned by the Message Publishing API request.

Return Value

Method returns an instance of com.backendless.messaging.MessageStatus. The object contains the following properties:

messageId- ID of the message for which the publishing status is retrieved.

status- an instance of an enum type com.backendless.messaging.PublishStatusEnum.

errorMessage- contains detailed error message when status is PublishStatusEnum.FAILED.