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Files Security

Access to files and directories can be restricted using permissions. Backendless supports the following permissions for files and directories:

  • Read - permission to download a file. This permission can be applied to a directory, in that case it applies recursively to all files contained therein.
  • Write - permission to upload a file or modify a directory by uploading files into it.
  • Remove - permission to delete a file or a directory.

To modify the permission matrix for a file or a directory, click the "Permissions" icon in file browser in Backendless Console:


The permission assignment popup contains two sections: USER PERMISSIONS and ROLES PERMISSIONS which allow permission management either for a specific user account or for application roles.  To modify a permission for an operation for a user or a role, click the icon in the corresponding column. The icon has 3 states:

ico-checkmark-gray - inherit GRANT permission from the global permission matrix. This is the default permission.

ico-checkmark-green - explicit GRANT of the permission for the operation. Allows the user to perform the operation.

icon-deny - DENY permission for the operation. Restricts the user from performing the operation.