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Push Notification Headers

The headers described below must included with every push notification, when using the Push API.

Operating System
Sets the title of the push notification message.
Sets the sub-title of the push notification message (iOS 10+)
Sets the text of the alert message. If the header is not present and the published notification targets the iOS devices, Backendless sets the header to the value of the "message" argument.
Sets the value to update the badge with
"ios-sound"``:URL string or array of bytes
Sets either a URL for the sound notification to play on the device or an array of bytes for the sound to play.
Configures a silent-notification. When this key is present, the system wakes up your app in the background and delivers the notification to its app delegate.
Sets the text of the ticker showing up at the top of a device's screen when the device receives the notification.
Sets the title of the notification as it is visible in the Android Notification Center
Sets the message of the notification which appears under android-content-title in the Android Notification Center.