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Backendless Counters API provides a centralized server-side facility for working with values that may be updated atomically. Every counter has a name assigned to it. The name is used in all operations to identify the counter. Since the counter value is managed centrally, multiple heterogeneous clients can access and modify the value.

All counter APIs are available via the Backendless.Counters.[methodname] accessor. For example, the following code increments a counter and returns the current value:

Long counterValue = Backendless.Counters.incrementAndGet( "my counter" );

Additionally, there is a shortcut approach with support for generics:

String counterName = "MyCounter";

// counter working with int values
IAtomic<Integer> fooCounter = Backendless.Counters.of( counterName, Integer.class );

// counter working with long values
IAtomic<Long> barCounter = Backendless.Counters.of( counterName, Long.class );

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