Backendless Media Service


Dynamic video content plays a central part for a variety of mobile and desktop applications.

Whether it is a recorded video, or live streaming sessions, Backendless provides a scalable and reliable server-side infrastructure and the client-side APIs to support a variety of scenarios for working with live or recorded media:

  • Live video/audio broadcast
  • Recording video/audio content on the server
  • Video/audio chat
  • Video/audio playback for live and on-demand content

Media Service API

Currently Backendless Media Service API is available for iOS and ActionScript applications. We are working on expanding the service support for other client-side environments.


Media Service API for iOS pdf-icon
Media Service API for ActionScript (coming soon)

Backendless Console

Both live and recorded media streams can be monitored through the Backendless Console. Application developer can tune in and watch any live stream taking place at the moment. The video/audio-on-demand resources can be generated dynamically by the users of the application (using the recording APIs) or added through the File Service interface.


Media Service Configuration

Application developer can restrict the durations of the live broadcasts and recordings using the Backendless Console (select an App > click Media > click Permissions > click Settings).
Using the console, you can establish very granular control over the broadcasting, recording and streaming operations. Permissions for individual media functions can be established at the user account level or applied to roles.