Real-Time Data

At A Glance

With Backendless Real-Time Data, refresh buttons and “pull-down to refresh” are a thing of the past. Real-time data means you can deliver ultimate performance and speed for your app users. All of our SDKs support real-time data APIs, giving you access to flexible and powerful APIs for Android, iOS, JavaScript, Flutter, and .NET. Our real-time database is highly scalable, supporting millions of concurrent connections.

Real-Time Database

Always Up To Date

You want your app to display the freshest data possible. Backendless Real-Time Data APIs ensure that the data your app retrieves from your database is always up to date, even if it’s actively being modified by one or more users. Backendless helps you avoid clunky manual refreshes in your app, while simultaneously helping your users avoid the frustration of finding out they’ve been working with out-of-date data. Of course, sometimes you don’t want the data to constantly refresh, because that can be disruptive as well. That’s why we let your app subscribe to real-time – receive new data objects, updated data objects, and notifications of data being deleted only when you want it to.

Conditional Notifications

With conditional notifications, you ensure that your app only receives relevant data updates. Not only is this helpful for the user, but it also improves your application’s performance. Each of your users may have different data that they are focused on, and therefore need only certain data to update in real-time. Your app can create custom real-time subscriptions based on your users’ choices in the app. For example, if a user creates a filter for new orders with an amount greater than $1,000, Backendless will create a real-time subscription for that exact condition for that user. Subscriptions can send notifications when new data is saved in the database, or when data is updated or deleted.


If your app is implemented on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, JavaScript, web), Backendless Real-Time Data APIs send data cross-platform with ease. For example, let’s say the Android version of your app saves a new object in the database. The iOS implementation can subscribe to the real-time events and receive the object instantly when it is stored. Or, you could have a web-based admin interface where you enter data or make changes – all mobile implementations can subscribe to receive the updates in real-time. Real-Time Data APIs are available in all Backendless SDKs.

Real-Time In Backendless Console

When working in Backendless Console, you will always see the latest real-time data. You can simply open a data table to view the records and you will see all new objects stored in the database as well as existing ones immediately as they are updated. Any data created or updated directly in Backendless Console triggers real-time events in the applications.

Real-Time In Cloud Code

Your custom code running in Backendless Cloud can trigger real-time events – to be delivered to the connected clients – simply by using the Database API to store new objects, or update or delete existing objects in the database. You can create Cloud Code event handlers to be notified when a mobile or a web client subscribes to receive real-time events. These event handlers can be built or generated in Java, JavaScript or Codeless. For Backendless Pro installations, Cloud Code can also subscribe to receive real-time data events using the same familiar APIs.