App Delivery

At A Glance

Going live is the most exciting stage of being an app developer. Publishing your app to the web happens in a snap with UI Builder. Scale Plan apps receive a free SSL certificate, and all apps get a secure subdomain on Backendless. Utilize caching and CDN integration to boost your app’s speed around the globe while reducing API consumption. Deploy your app to mobile in an instant with Backendless Viewer, perfect for testing or even going live. To get listed on the mobile app stores and access native mobile functionality like accessing the Contact List and biometric login, the Backendless Flutter shell turns your UI Builder app into a native mobile app.

App Delivery Feature

Secure Web Deployment

Deploy your UI Builder app to the web in just a click. Whether hosting on your chosen backendless.app subdomain or your own domain, deployment and updates can go live in an instant, with a free SSL certificate available for every paid app.

Total Deployment Control

Easily deploy multiple apps and webpages from the same Backendless app. Each container you deploy can be published to a new domain with its own SSL certificate and API key.

CDN Integration

Maximize file delivery speed for your users around the world while also reducing your API consumption by using a CDN. With CDN integration, your app’s files are cached and delivered from servers in close proximity to your users, wherever they are in the world. Instead of pulling files from Backendless’ servers via API, tap into the CDN’s global high-speed network.

Backendless Viewer

Testing and publishing your app on mobile is a snap with Backendless Viewer. This native mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, allows you to preview or even publish your UI Builder app to native mobile. This is perfect for testing your app’s functionality in a native mobile environment, or publishing the app to mobile without jumping through the hoops required by the app stores.

Backendless Flutter Shell

Looking to publish your app as native mobile itself? The Backendless Flutter shell is a Flutter wrapper that wraps around your UI Builder app, allowing the app to be deployed to both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as if it were native mobile. The shell supports native functionality such as access to the Contact List, Biometrical login and Push notifications. You can save compiling time by testing on Backendless Viewer before deploying with the Flutter shell.