UI Component Toolkit

At A Glance

UI Builder contains all of the basic building blocks for creating web apps ranging from simple MVPs to advanced mobile and web apps and everything in between. Drag and drop these components onto the canvas, arrange for a perfectly responsive display, then stylize with Themes and Extensions. The toolbox includes all of the basics for building an app, with extensibility to add dozens of components from the Marketplace or even create your own using React Native.

UI Component Toolkit Feature

Data-Driven User Interface

Easily integrate your UI with your Backendless Database, binding components to objects and their properties retrieved from your database or influenced by user actions. The Data Table and Data Grid components go even further, enabling you to display data directly from your Backendless Database in an interactive grid where users can sort, filter, and even edit data.


Visualize data from your Backendless Database in beautiful, flexible charts such as pie, line, and timeline charts with Visualizations. Easily drag your charts into your UI Builder apps, or share as standalone pages that can be publicly viewed or password protected.

Layout Tools

Create highly responsive layouts using grids, panels and blocks. Customize your user interface with cells and rows, layering blocks and adding styles to provide the perfect look and feel for your app’s layout.

Standard Components

Build quickly with all the basics, such as text blocks, icons, images, spinners, videos, maps, and much more. Stylize to match your brand’s look and feel using simple color and font selection, or add precise details using CSS and LESS through Themes and Extensions.

Form Tools

Collect data from your users with all of the basic form building blocks, all easily connected to your Backendless Database. Drag inputs, radio buttons, checkboxes, toggles, buttons, and more onto the canvas with data binding to deliver data to your page data for in-app personalization, and then your database.

Component Marketplace

Discover and add unique components like rich text editors, calendars, audio players, signature pads, and more through the integrated Marketplace. Share your own components to expand the toolkit and even generate revenue as part of the Marketplace Developer Program.