Rapid UI Development Resources

At A Glance

Save time and effort by taking advantage of prebuilt templates. Use App Blueprints to get a deeper understanding of the inner workings of UI Builder and its symbiotic relationship with your Backendless backend. Then take what you’ve learned and implement it in no time using page templates, custom functions, and a wide variety of components built by the Backendless team and community. Then monetize your custom development by selling your own templates on the Backendless Marketplace.

Rapid UI Development Resources Feature

App Blueprints

Explore complete app templates for common web app use cases such as social media apps, professional websites, dating apps, real estate apps, and even a CRM. See how expansive Backendless UI Builder apps can be, and dive deep into powerful functionality, built by Backendless experts.

Page Templates

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Use pre-built page templates to quickly implement common functionality such as user registration and login, data tables, shopping pages, and more. Discover page templates built by the Backendless community through the Marketplace, or build and sell your own page templates.

Custom Functions

Save time by utilizing custom UI functions built by the Backendless team and community. Repurpose, expand, and customize functions to meet your app’s needs. Then publish and sell your own custom functions on the Marketplace.

Landing Pages

Get your product announcement page or email landing page up in a snap. Choose from one of four custom landing pages, fully customizable to meet your needs.