Become A Backendless Certified Software Engineer

by on January 31, 2023
Become a Backendless Certified Engineer

Software engineering is a scientific process involving multiple steps, numerous decisions, and both personal and organizational discipline. By any means it is not easy.

Building an app without code can seem “easy”, but when the time comes to scale, add new features, expand your database, optimize performance, and complete dozens of other complex tasks, you will quickly discover what your “no-code” platform is lacking.

Backendless is different.

Backendless is not “just” a platform supporting the “no code” approach. Backendless gives you the tools and knowledge to build a complex, scalable, expandable, extensible, on-premise-hostable, ultra-powerful software application – with or without code.

Virtually everything you can do with code, you can do with Backendless’ Codeless visual programming system.

Learning the full breadth of Backendless’ functionality can turn a non-technical founder into a developer, and can make a developer into a skilled software engineer.

The concepts that you will learn through our educational program, outlined below, prepare you to not only be a Backendless user, but to understand application development in a comprehensive way.

Anyone can drag-and-drop items onto a canvas and use prompts to create simple logic. A thorough understanding of the principles on which the platform is built allows you to do things with the platform that even our development team has yet to think of.

Plus, when questions inevitably arise, you will not only understand the answers, but you’ll have the knowledge to ask the right questions.

No-code platforms teach you to be “makers”. Backendless prepares you to be a true engineer.

Success is Earned

Since the launch of our version 6 in mid-2020, we have sought to provide educational resources that enable you to deeply understand the Backendless platform. Not only how things work, but why, as well as the best ways to use the tools at your disposal.

While the learning curve for Backendless is likely greater than the typical no-code tool or platform, the functional capabilities that Backendless provides make the time invested well worth it.

Learning Curve vs Development Capability

By following the learning path laid out below, you will have the skills to create a wide variety of applications.

Whether you’re a startup founder looking to build on your own despite no technical background, an experienced no-code developer looking to expand your horizons (or client base), or a software engineer looking to make your life easier, learning Backendless can greatly benefit you.

Ideal Backendless Learning Path

The path to learning Backendless takes seven stages, each building upon the last.

To get the most out of your education, we highly recommend you follow the path in the order laid out below, and that you complete each task in order. That means completing the Missions in the order they are laid out, and watching the videos in order within each course.

Ideal Backendless Learning Path

Step One – Backendless Missions

Released in 2020, Missions are the foundational knowledge you need to start understanding just how the platform works.

With Missions, you are introduced to a wide variety of concepts that will help you understand topics such as how a database works, what a backend is used for, what APIs are and how they work, and how to implement messaging systems in an application.

We provide two different Missions Packs: one with code, and one without. Experienced coders can learn how Backendless acts as a low-code complement to their coded applications with the Starter Pack with Code. No-code developers can start building a foundation of knowledge about Codeless programming with the Starter Pack with Codeless.

Completing the Mission path earns you rewards and Backendless Bucks (BBs) that can be redeemed when you’re ready to upgrade your service. More importantly, it provides you the foundational knowledge needed to begin mastering app development.

Step Two – Video Courses

Next, it’s time to start getting your hands dirty with our video courses. These courses take you through the most important concepts of building an application with Backendless.

Upon completing these courses in order, you will be ready to build an enormous variety of application types.

One – Codeless Fundamentals Training Course

The Codeless Fundamentals course provides an introduction to the Codeless programming system, a block-based environment that is used throughout the platform. The course uses UI Builder to showcase how to build with Codeless, but the principles learned apply to backend development as well.

The beauty of the Codeless system is that it is universal within Backendless. Once you grasp the basics, you will be able to perform awesome and complex logic on both the server side and the client side – and you will know when each is most appropriate.

Two – Backendless Database Training Course

Backendless Database is the core of the Backendless platform. The Backendless Database Training Course takes what you learned in Missions and dives much deeper into the capabilities of the database system.

With this course, you will develop a comprehensive knowledge of data types, database APIs, Views, schema management, and much more.

Three – Backendless User Management

Once you understand the fundamentals of data management, we dive deeper into managing your users. The User Management course covers a wide range of topics, from user registration and login to social login to session management and user roles.

You will learn how to manage your users within Backendless Console as well as how to take advantage of the many user APIs available to you.

Four – UI Builder Introductory Course

Now that you’ve got the backend down, it’s time to start expanding your knowledge on the frontend. The UI Builder Introductory course takes what you’ve learned from the previous courses and expands upon it by showcasing the basics in UI Builder.

For simple tasks like displaying data and building basic user interfaces, this course will get you started on the right foot.

Five – UI Builder Masterclass

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of UI Builder, it’s time to dive deeper. The UI Builder Masterclass gets into more complicated concepts and interactions between your UI and your backend.

This course expands on the use of Codeless logic and APIs to perform complex functions and to interact with your Backendless Database from your frontend.

Step Three – App Blueprints

Once you’ve completed your coursework, it’s time to start building. Before you dive into your first real project, it can be beneficial to see how a similar project has been done on the platform. That’s where blueprints come in.

App Blueprints are more than simply templates. They are complete (both frontend and backend) applications that you can use to better understand how to implement different concepts using Backendless.

Check out what these different Blueprints showcase for you (click the link to read our Blueprint review):

App Blueprint Name Features Implemented
Daty Dating User location tracking, Login with Facebook, Admin dashboard, Messaging
Listings Template Payment processing with Stripe plugin, Location-based data search, User data submission and file upload
Appointment Booking App
Building calendars, Admin dashboard for calendar management, Modal window that can submit data
Cool App UI Themes Extensions with LESS Mixins, Preload spinner, Animating text with Codeless logic, Custom slider component, Database-driven content
EndlessHomes Filterable dropdown menu, Database-driven content, Advanced search, User dashboard, User data submission and file upload, Payment processing with Stripe plugin, User search history
Shipping and Tracking App Complex relational data in Backendless Database, Custom Codeless APIs, Displaying relational data in UI Builder, User dashboard, Admin dashboard
Coming Soon Countdown timer using Codeless logic
Driver Booking System Expansive admin dashboard, Location-based data submission, User data submission and file upload, Payment processing with Stripe plugin
Insta Clone Social media clone, User image upload on mobile or desktop, Like/comment/follow
Business Consulting Database-driven content, Website design
Online Training App Database-driven content, Content from .txt file, Single-page template with dynamic content, Online training course template
CRM App Admin dashboard, User dashboard, Data dashboard, CRM template, Export data to CSV from frontend, Calendar with scheduled items, User-generated lead form HTML
Chatly Messaging (peer-to-peer, pub-sub), Group chat, Send files, video, and images via messaging, Light mode and dark mode using UI Themes
Multistep Form Single-page form with multiple steps
Small Business Booking App Calendar widget template, Modal window through which data is submitted, Admin portal, User portal, Payment processing with Stripe plugin, Database-driven content
GEO Chat Pub-sub messaging, Location-based chat, Location display on map

Backendless Certification

Soon, we will release a test that will allow you to prove your knowledge of the Backendless platform and receive official certification.

Certification can be shared on LinkedIn, developer profiles, your résumé or CV, and your professional website.

Interested in becoming a Backendless Certified Engineer? Fill out the form below and you will be notified as soon as the certification test becomes available.

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