Embark on Your Backendless Learning Journey with Our New Training Program

by on November 30, 2023

We’re excited to announce a transformative approach to self-training and learning on the Backendless Platform. Our goal is to make your journey into the world of app development not only educational but also engaging and enjoyable. That’s why we’ve introduced a new, specialized application for training, designed to guide you through the Backendless system in a hands-on, interactive way.

Kickstart Your Learning with a Specialized Training App

When you create a new application for training, you’ll step into a world specially crafted for your learning journey. This app comes pre-populated with a sample database, complete with data and a sample API service. Right from the start, you’ll receive a comprehensive overview and clear instructions on how to proceed, setting you up for a smooth learning experience.

Discover the Missions System: A Gamified Learning Environment

At the heart of our training program is the Missions system. This gamified environment presents you with a series of tasks, each accompanied by detailed instructions. These tasks are meticulously crafted to introduce you to the various facets of Backendless, covering both the frontend (UI Builder) and the backend system.

As you progress and complete these tasks, you’ll unlock more Missions, delving deeper into the Backendless universe. Each completed mission rewards you with badges and eXperience Points (XPs), emblematic of your growing expertise with Backendless.

Continue Your Journey with Our Video Courses

Once you’ve mastered the Missions program, we recommend expanding your knowledge with our video-based courses on our YouTube channel. Here’s the recommended order to get the most out of our training:

  1. Codeless Fundamentals Training Course: Ideal for understanding the Codeless programming model in Backendless. This course is beneficial for all skill levels, including experienced developers.
  2. Database Training Course: Dive deep into the Backendless Database. This course has everything from data types to data modeling and the Backendless Data API.
  3. Backendless User Management Course: Essential for implementing user management in your app. Learn about the basics of user identity management, registration and login APIs, password recovery, and user roles.
  4. UI Builder Courses: Comprising an Introductory Course and a Masterclass, these are crucial for anyone wanting to leverage the full potential of the UI Builder for creating exceptional web and mobile user interfaces.

Free, Fun, and Fulfilling – Start Your Backendless Training Today!

We are thrilled to introduce this new approach to Backendless training. It’s designed to be useful, interesting, and exciting, and the best part is that it’s completely free. So, dive in and start your learning journey with Backendless today. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

Happy Learning!

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