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Increment by N, return current

Atomically adds the given value to the current value and returns the updated (current) value of the counter. Multiple concurrent client requests are guaranteed to return updated value.



Endpoint URL

The is a subdomain assigned to your application. For more information see the Client-side Setup section of this documentation.<counterName>/incrementby/get?value=<value>


Argument                Description
<counterName> Name of the counter to update.
<value> Number to add to the current counter value.

Request headers

user-token: optional value obtained as a result of the login operation.


Argument                Description
user-token Optional header. Contains a value returned by Backendless in a preceding user Login API call. The operation will be executed with the security policy associated currently logged in user. This means all permissions associated with the user and the roles assigned to the user will be enforced by Backendless.

Request body


Response body

Numeric value - current value of the counter


Make sure to replace xxxx in the domain name in the sample request below to the one assigned to your application.

curl -X PUT \

Codeless Reference



Argument                Description
counter name Name of the counter whose value must be incremented.
increment by Specify the number to increment the value by.
return current value When this box is checked, the operation returns the current value of the counter.

Returns the current value of the counter.

Consider the following counter:


The example below increments the value of the "CarsParkingLot" by 20. This operation returns 20, since the return current value box is checked.


The result of this operation will look as shown below after the Codeless logic runs: