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Updating Single Object



Endpoint URL

The is a subdomain assigned to your application. For more information see the Client-side Setup section of this documentation.<table-name>/<objectId> 


Argument                Description
<objectId> ID of the object to update assigned by Backendless in the create object operation. This part of the URL is optional. If the objectId value is not in the URL, it must be present in the request body.

Request Headers



Argument                Description
Content-Type Must be set to application/json. This header is mandatory.
user-token Optional header. Contains a value returned by Backendless in a preceding user Login API call. If user-tokenis set in the request, the operation will be executed with the security policy associated currently logged in user. This means all permissions associated with the user and roles assigned to the user will be enforced by Backendless.

Request Body

A JSON object to update in the database. The object may reference only the properties to update, but it is acceptable to include all properties of the object (including the ones to update). In this case, Backendless will update the entire object.

Response Body

A JSON representation of the updated object.



Make sure to replace xxxx in the domain name in the sample request below to the one assigned to your application.

curl \  
-H Content-Type:application/json \  
-X PUT  \  
-d "{\"name\":\"Bob\", \"age\":20 }" \  

Notice the objectId value is put directly into the URL. The value is optional in the JSON body of the request if it included in the endpoint URL.