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Retrieving JSON Data

JSON values are stored in database columns of type JSON. The data retrieval mechanism for JSON values is the same as for any other data stored in Backendless database. You can use the data retrieval API to retrieve objects from the Backendless database. Data in the JSON columns is returned as plain JSON.. Consider the example below:

Suppose the database stores objects in the Person data table. The table declares the profile column of type JSON. The column contains JSON values in the following format:

  "age": 55,
  "name": "Bob",
  "address": {
    "city": "Los Angeles",
    "state": "California",
    "street": "123 Santa Monica Blvd."
  "lastname": "Smith",
  "favoriteColors": [
    "Blue", "Red"
  "favoriteNumbers": [
    13, 21, 88

As you can see the sample JSON value above exhibits the following "qualities":

  • literal string and numeric values - age, name and lastname keys.
  • an array consisting of strings - favoriteColors
  • an array consisting of numbers - favoriteNumbers
  • an enclosed JSON object in the address key.

The JSON values and the Person objects may appear as shown below in the database:


Suppose the client application needs to retrieve both Person objects and the corresponding profile values . This can be accomplished with the following request:



Request header:


Request body:


The request produces the following response:

         "city":"Los Angeles",
         "street":"123 Santa Monica Blvd."