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Asset Container Permissions

Asset Container permissions apply to all subjects within a specific container. Supported containers may be:

Data tables
A permission assigned at that level applies to all operations on the table. For example, storing, deleting or updating objects in the table and running queries.
Messaging channels
A permission assigned to a channel applies to all operations on the channel - publishing a message, subscribing to receive messages, etc.
File directories
A permission assigned to a file directory applies to all file-related operations in the directory - file upload, fetching a file, etc.

To view, assign or modify an asset container permission, use a corresponding screen in the Backendless Console. For example, to restrict access to a data table, switch to the Data view, select a table and click the Permissions menu. The user interface has two views - one is for managing user permissions and the other for roles. To modify permissions for a user account:

  1. Click the User Permissions menu.
  2. Enter the user name in the search field to locate the user account..
  3. Click an icon representing the permission state to modify the permission.


Similarly permissions can be assigned or modified for specific roles - use the Role Permissions menu.