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Files API Overview

Every Backendless backend/app is allocated a dedicated file storage space. The file storage is located remotely on the Backendless servers. The file storage can be used to store application's files and on-demand video streams.  Backendless File Service provides the API to work with the file storage. The API supports the following operations:

File Upload
Upload files to the applications's file storage. The operation creates directories up the hierarchy if necessary. Returns file URL which can be used to download or share the file with others.
File Download
Download file using file's URL. The download operation is subject to the permissions from the File access control list (ACL).
File Deletion
Delete a file from the file storage. The delete operation is subject to the permissions from the File access control list (ACL).
Directory Deletion
Same as file deletion, but applies to the directories.
File/Directory Security (File ACL)
Assign/unassign user and roles permissions to upload, download and delete files and directories. This API is used to modify file or directory ACL.

In addition to the API implementation, the File Service enables the following capabilities:

  • Web Hosting - file storage can be used to host static web content.
  • Custom Domain Name - a custom domain name can be mapped to the file storage in a Backendless backend. This feature in combination with the Web Hosting provides a way to host websites on Backendless.
  • Custom Web Templates Hosting - includes HTML files and JS scripts for special pages used in various workflows such as user email confirmation, password change and session expiration.