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Client-side Setup

Backendless requires that all REST operations include application ID and REST API key into the URL where API request is sent to. The general structure of the endpoint URL is:<application-id>/<api-key>/<operation-specific-path>

The values for <application-id> and <api-key> are needed so that Backendless can identify the application and ensure that a legitimate client makes the request.

Application ID and API Key

Values for the application-id and api-key headers must be obtained through the Backendless Console:

  1. Login to your account and select the application.
  2. Click the Manage icon from the vertical icon-menu on the left.
  3. The App Settings section is selected by default. The interface contains values for Application ID and API keys for each supported client-side environment.
  4. Use the Copy icon to copy the value into the system clipboard.

Make sure to use the "REST API Key" for the api-key argument.