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Geolocation API Overview

Backendless Geolocation Service is a system supporting management and search of geo points. A geo point in the most primitive format consists of a pair of coordinates: latitude and longitude. Optionally a geo point may contain metadata, which is a collection of arbitrary key/value pairs. A geo point belongs to a category, which is a logical grouping of geo points. The diagram bellow illustrates these concepts:


Backendless allows infinite number of geo points managed for an application. Geo points can be added via an API call or the import functionality in Backendless console. Once the backend is populated with geo points, the search API can be used to run the following types of geo queries:

  • Radius-based search - Searches for geo points in a circular map area defined by the coordinates of the central point and a radius. Backendless returns all geo points within the area.

  • Search in a rectangular map area - Searches for geo points in a rectangular map area identified by the coordinates of two corners defining the area (North West and South East):

Additionally, the geo search API supports the following search options available in the APIs:

  • Filtering by categories - Both types of search (radius-based and rectangular) can specify the categories in which the backend should search for the geo points.
  • Relative search - Runs a search for a subset of metadata key/value pairs to match up to the specified threshold value. The threshold must be expressed as a percentage of matches.
  • Query-based search - The metadata associated with the geo points can be used in queries which should be formatted using the SQL-92 syntax. For example, the geo point shown in the image above can be discovered with the following queries:
cuisine = 'French'
cuisine LIKE 'Fr%' and Atmosphere = 'Casual'
cuisine = 'French' and (Price = '$$$$' or Price = '$$$')