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Auto Load


The auto-load feature is designed to be used for quick prototyping. One of its benefits is reduction of client-side code. However, for production quality apps, it is not recommended to use the auto-load relation retrieval as it can greatly impact performance.

By default when an object is retrieved from Backendless using any of the find APIs (basic or advanced), its related objects are not included into the response, unless explicitly referenced in the request. This behavior can be easily modified using Backendless Console:


For any two tables A and B where A has a relationship column linking it to B, the console includes the "auto load" checkbox for the relationship column. Selecting the checkbox instructs Backendless to return a paged set of related B objects when the parent instance of A is retrieved through an API call. For example, in the image above, the shown table has a one-to-many "address" relationship with the Address table. When the "auto load" checkbox in the "address" column is selected, a paged set of the related Address objects will be included into the response for a find query for the shown table.


You can disable the auto-load option by setting the relation depth parameter to 0 in an API call.