Everything Released In Version 6… So Far!

by on June 22, 2020
Everything Released in V6

Backendless Version 6 is now live, opening up a whole host of new features. On this page, we will provide descriptions and links for all of the content related to the release.

Click the link below to choose a topic, or scroll down to browse all of the new features. [Updated July 22, 2020.]

Introducing UI Builder - Visual App Development

UI Builder by Backendless is more than just a feature, it’s practically a whole product on its own. UI Builder is our Codeless visual app development tool that lets you create the frontend UX/UI of your app visually within your browser.

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Introducing Backendless Missions – Learn Backendless, Get Rewards

Backendless Missions are the fun, challenging new way to learn app development with the Backendless Platform. Each mission you complete gives you rewards such as Backendless Bucks, experience points (XP), and Achievement badges.

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Introducing The Transactions API

With the Transactions API, Backendless Database can execute multiple database requests grouped into a single transaction. When any one of these grouped database operations fails, the entire transaction is rolled back – meaning any other changes within the same transaction are canceled.

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Introducing App-to-App Deployment (Multi-Environment Development)

We see more and more complex apps being developed with Backendless. Once an app is released into production, making changes to a live backend becomes very risky and could destabilize the app. App-to-app deployment from Backendless is here to help.

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Start Building Your App Now

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How To Build A No-Code App With UI Builder

Did you know you can build a mobile app in as little as 10 minutes? With the no-code Backendless UI Builder, you can! Follow along as we show how to build a simple To-Do app – complete with database connectivity – in no time.

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Introducing App Blueprints

Backendless App Blueprints are a new feature that lets you get a jump on your development process by starting with a prebuilt app foundation.

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Introducing Backendless Shop

Backendless Shop is your brand new destination for official Backendless swag. Show off your love for your favorite platform by repping Backendless on your shirt, laptop, cap, and more.

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How To Unlock The Free Springboard Plan

With the release of Version 6, Backendless is changing the way our free plan works. Starting with Version 6 of Backendless, you gain access to a new free plan called “Springboard”.

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