Introducing App Blueprints

by on June 17, 2020

Introducing Backendless App Blueprints Feature

Backendless App Blueprints released in Version 6 let you get a jump on your development process by starting with a prebuilt app foundation.

Depending on the kind of app you are building, odds are there’s already an app out there that does many of the same things. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel!

Using an app blueprint – such as an Instagram clone or a pre-constructed Geo Chat app – can significantly speed up your development time.

Rather than spending time and effort replicating functionality that is common to the app you’re building, you can instead dedicate your time to enhancing the elements that make your app stand apart from the crowd.

Current App Blueprints

We included two initial blueprints with the release of Version 6. These two, described in detail below, are designed to highlight some of Backendless’ most popular use cases: real-time chat, geolocation, and pub-sub messaging.

Insta Clone

With this blueprint, we replicated some of the Instagram functionality. It can be useful if you are working on an application where you would like to implement social networking features, such as:

  • followers
  • friends
  • comments
  • likes

InstaCloneDemo AppInstaCloneDemo Preview

The application comes with a minimally required database structure to enable the social features and a set of pages with all the logic for:

  • User registration and login
  • Adding a post (image)
  • Posting a comment
  • Posts wall
  • Post likes
  • User profile page

GEO Chat

This app template includes а complete multi-user chat functionality. The user interface is developed with Backendless UI Builder using custom Cloud Code. The chat interface is integrated with the map component which geo positions the users and displays chat messages in the map’s pin info windows.

GeoChatDemo App

When you create an app using this template, you will be getting the following:

  • Login UI with the “remember me” functionality demonstrates how to use the Backendless Login API;
  • Google Maps integration (API key required);
  • Online/Offline/Typing indicator;
  • The database structure required for the chat implementation;
  • All of the UI screens with the corresponding no-code logic;
  • Cloud Code/Business Logic used by the chat implementation.

We have more new App Blueprints that will be released soon. If there’s a popular app type that you’d like to see an App Blueprint for, let us know!

Check out everything else released in Version 6 so far.

Happy Coding!


Hi, Please add blueprint for full admin panel UI.
Login and forgot password.
Top app bar with profile, notification and search input.
Sidebar menu with expandable menu items.
Data table with CRUD operation in content area.
Dashboard page with statistics and charts.

Hi Vivek, thanks for the suggestions! We will pass these ideas along to our team.

Hi, I’m a great lover and user of BackendLess ecosytem, I like your work and your features. So I’m exited to see more blueprints like ride-sharing, media streaming, and so on

Hi Samuel, thanks for the support! We’re excited to bring more App Blueprints in the future. We’ll pass your suggestions along to our team.

Thanks Christopher, I stay tuned

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