How To Unlock The Free Springboard Plan

by on March 29, 2022

Unlock the free Springboard Plan

Backendless is now a fully free app builder for developers thanks to the Springboard Plan. Once unlocked, the plan has the same high limits as our top Cloud plan.

A lot of app development platforms have free plans. Typically, however, these plans are extremely limited in what you can do. This is not the case with the Backendless Springboard Plan.

With the Springboard Plan, Backendless becomes a fully free app builder with no coding required. Our free app building plan has the same limits as our highest-level paid Cloud Plan.

The only limitation with the Springboard Plan is that it can only be used for development. When you’re ready for outside users to start accessing your app, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Your Mission: A Truly Free App Builder

A fully free Backendless plan, Springboard may be “earned” by going through Backendless Missions. If you want to skip ahead, you can take a shortcut by unlocking the Springboard Plan through the Backendless Marketplace.

When you create a new Backendless app, you will automatically be enrolled in a free 30 day trial of our Cloud 99 Plan. Once that trial ends, you will need to switch to a paid plan unless you complete all of the Missions required to unlock the new Springboard Plan.

Alternatively, you can take the shortcut through the Marketplace to purchase the Springboard plan for a one-time fee.

Backendless Missions can be completed on two different tracks – With Code and Codeless. When beginning your Missions, you will choose a Mission Starter Pack either Codeless or With Code. You can switch between packs at any time.

Mission Packs selection screen in Backendless

Note: Apps currently enrolled in the Free Plan that existed prior to the Version 6 release will also have access to the Springboard Plan. However, the old free plan will still be available for those apps as long as the apps stay on the plan.

The rules for unlocking the Springboard Plan are as follows:

  • You cannot simply switch to the Springboard Plan unless the plan has been “unlocked”. To unlock the plan, you must reach the “Free Plan Milestone” in Backendless Missions.
  • Once you reach the Free Plan milestone or unlock the plan through the Marketplace shortcut, that plan is unlocked forever for one specific app. 
  • If you create a new app within Backendless and would like to switch that app to the Springboard plan, you can do so by converting your BBs to Backendless Marketplace credit which can then be used to purchase the “Springboard Plan shortcut”.

Springboard Plan Shortcut

Many Backendless developers will have multiple projects that they are working on at a given time. Often, in fact, you may choose to have multiple versions of your same app. For example, one for development, and one that’s deployed that users interact with. (We made it even easier to take this approach to development with the introduction of App-to-App Deployment.)

If you want to have more than one Backendless app on the Springboard plan, you may not want to go through the missions again. That’s why we made it so you can “purchase” the Springboard Plan through the Backendless Marketplace. The purchase can be made either using Backendless Bucks (BBs) or with a credit card.

Simply log in to the app you want to convert to the free Springboard Plan and navigate to the Backend section -> Manage -> Billing. There, you can select the Springboard Plan (if it is already unlocked via Missions) or pay the BB/USD cost to unlock the plan immediately. You may then switch to that plan at any time.

Additionally, on the Billing page, you will have the option to convert your BBs to credit. This credit can be used to pay for your monthly billing charges, purchase add-ons, or purchase swag from the Backendless Shop.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our support forum or by email.

Check out everything else released in Version 6.

Thank you, and as always, Happy Coding!


Dear backendless support team,
I want to start using your services for an android app project that I’m developing which requires a small backend side. as i went through your tutorials I couldn’t understand your policy about your free plan. is it possible for you to guide me to understand how to go through with it?

Hello Mahyar,

The policy is very simple. To get the free plan you have two options:
1. Finish the Missions to get to the “Free Springboard Plan Unlocked” milestone
2. Purchase the “Springboard Shortcut” in the Marketplace. There is a one-time fee and the plan becomes available.


By the way, their Springboard Plan (“free” plan) cannot be used for production for more than 1 or 2 users. Nowhere in their website mentioned that it is only for development (may be I have overlooked?) So the “free” plan is not really free to you, if you are planning to put your app in production. Their “free” plan is only intended to be for development. I spent a month learning and developing my app just to learn that I have to pay $25 (w/ very limited resources) or $99 a month to run my app in production. If I knew that, I would have using the (truly) free tier of Firebase backend. You have been reminded!

Hi Jim,

Here are a couple of things you have missed right on the pricing page:
pricing site header

Then scroll down for more details:
more details

And finally even more details explaining the SuperScaling option which clearly is not available in the Springboard plan:

Btw, for the resources you get for the $25/month plan, you’d be spending roughly $150/month with Firebase. So calling it “very limited” would be very wrong.


Hi Mark,
Please don’t get me wrong; backendless’ services are awesome with fast and satisfactory support. The goal of my original comment was to remind other users not to overlook the Springboard plan, and use it for production like I did. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way.
It looks like more wordings were added very recently to clarify the plan, which is good!
Just to clarify and for the record, the original wording of your screenshots #1 and #2 were like the following respectively:

“Backendless Cloud offers flexible pricing options. When you start with Backendless, we offer a 30 days trial of the Cloud99 plan. The Springboard plan can be obtained by reaching a milestone in Backendless Missions or by taking a shortcut in Backendless Marketplace. [[ By using the free Springboard plan you can build a complete application as the plan has extremely high limits. ]]”

“This plan becomes available upon completion of Backendless Missions. Alternatively, you can unlock the plan through Backendless Marketplace. For more info read how to unlock the Springboard plan.”

Source: A snapshot of the page as it appeared on Jul 22, 2020 03:55:11 GMT from Google cache.

Link to the screenshots:

With respect.

Hi Jim,

The changes in our pricing page were made late last week. I am not sure how fast google updates their cache. We have nothing to hide and are upfront and open about our pricing and policies for the plans. Even prior to making it clearer, I believe the original wording and the note for the SuperScaling option were quite clear that the plan is for development (By using the free Springboard plan you can build a complete application). Anyway, I am sorry you missed that information and hope you will stay with Backendless.


Can I have more than 1 app as draft in the free springboard plan? I am only talking abt testing the product….can I test 2 or more apps at the same time?

Hi Kishan,

Short answer is yes, you may.

Longer answer: Each Backendless app must have its own plan. However, if you are talking about building multiple UI Builder frontends for testing purposes, you can use Containers to build each; they will all share the same backend, however.

We also recommend taking advantage of our generous free trial for testing and learning purposes. Each Backendless app you create starts with a 30-day free trial, so you can easily play around with apps – including using our App Blueprints – to see different functionality in action.

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