Introducing Nested Grouping API

by on March 13, 2024

Retrieving data from a database is a common task. It often involves grouping data by certain criteria. For example, you might want to see total sales by region. But what if you want to see products listed by category without summing them up? This is where our new Nested Grouping API shines.

This API makes it easy to group your data records. You can group by more than one criterion. Imagine you have a bookstore. You can now group books by genre and then by author within each genre. It’s straightforward and efficient.

We have a video that goes over the API, how to use it, and gives a real-life example:

Here’s what you can do with this API:

  • Group database records by one or more criteria.
  • Use where clause conditions to fine-tune the data you get back.
  • Get your data using paged retrieval to keep your app running smoothly.
  • Choose to get back all columns of data or just specific ones.
  • Use the database to perform calculations on your data using database functions.
  • Pull in related data by specifying how things are connected.
  • Sort data within each group by one or more columns.

You can use this API in many ways:

  • Without coding, through our Codeless system.
  • By making REST calls directly.
  • Using our SDKs for JavaScript, iOS, Android, Flutter, and .NET.

Check out the Nested Grouping API documentation page for all the details.

This new API simplifies and enhances your data grouping tasks. Whether you are building a new feature or improving your app’s data display, our Nested Grouping API has you covered.

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