About the Scale Variable Plan

by on April 24, 2024

Backendless offers two primary pricing plans for its customers: the Scale Variable and the Scale Fixed. In this article, we will explore the Scale Variable plan in depth to help you understand how it works and how you can manage your costs effectively.

Monthly Price Calculation

The monthly bill under the Scale Variable plan is calculated based on the sum of daily charges. This structure allows flexibility in billing and directly correlates with your daily usage patterns. The peak number of API requests per minute within any given 24-hour determines each day’s charge. This peak number of API requests per minute determines the tier of the application for the day. The daily charge depends on which tier the peak minute falls into. Backendless defines these tiers as ranges of API requests per minute.

The pricing structure for each tier can be visualized through a detailed table:

Tier Daily Price Requests per min (in 24 hours)
1 $0.50 0-5
2 $0.99 6-10
3 $1.75 11-20
4 $2.15 21-50
5 $2.95 51-100
6 $4.25 101-200
7 $7.00 201-300
8 $12.00 301-500
9 $25.00 501-750
10 $45.00 751-1,000
11 $65.00 1,001-2,000
12 $95.00 2,001-3,000
13 $145.00 3,001-4,000
14 $170.00 4,001-5,000
15 $190.00 5,001-7,000
16 $230.00 7,001-10,000


Rationale Behind Pricing Spikes

The pricing model is built around resource allocation in response to spikes in usage. When a spike occurs, Backendless allocates additional hardware resources to handle potential subsequent spikes. These resources are maintained for a full day to accommodate any further high-demand periods, which is why the daily charge is based on the peak minute. While this might seem like a penalty for sporadic usage spikes, it’s a necessary measure to ensure resource availability and optimal performance for all users. By preparing for additional demand, Backendless ensures that services remain uninterrupted and responsive.

Managing Costs and Preventing Overcharges

To help control costs and prevent unexpected charges due to sudden spikes, Backendless offers a feature where users can set the maximum tier threshold. If the API request volume exceeds the specified tier, additional calls are automatically rejected with an error, which helps maintain budget constraints without critically impacting service availability.

The Manage > Analytics screen in the Backendless Console features an estimate calculator for those looking to gauge future expenses. This tool provides a price estimation based on past usage. If you are currently on the Free or Scale Fixed plans, you can use this estimator to see your costs on the Scale Variable plan.

Pricing Estimator

Considering Fixed Costs

The Scale Fixed plan may be a more suitable option for users seeking more predictable billing. This plan charges a fixed monthly rate based on the selected usage tier, with additional costs accruing only when usage exceeds the pre-set tier limits. This plan is particularly useful for businesses with stable and predictable API usage patterns.

In summary, the Scale Variable plan from Backendless is designed for businesses that prefer billing that adjusts with their actual API usage, providing tools to manage and predict costs effectively. However, for those who prefer stability in billing, the Scale Fixed plan may be a better option.

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