Backendless Pro

Backendless Pro

The Backendless Platform, right in your cloud.
Absolutely limitless.

Backendless Pro is the Limitless Edition of the Backendless Platform that can be installed anywhere – your developer’s computer, private data center, public cloud. Our on-premise product has no functional limitations whatsoever and can easily scale to handle very high transactional volume. Built on the Docker architecture, each installation is its own fully capable instance of Backendless.


Run Anywhere

Backendless Pro can be installed wherever it will provide the most value to your business, be that a developer’s local hard drive, your on-premise internal servers, cloud servers, or elsewhere. The components are available as independent containers through DockerHub. We use Docker Compose to simplify the process of defining and running Backendless Pro as a multi-container application. Installation is a breeze with Backendless Pro Manager.

Limitless Backendless

Backendless Pro is the Limitless Edition of the Backendless platform. That means you can create an unlimited number of apps, process unlimited API calls including unlimited API calls/second, create development teams, send an unlimited number of push notifications, configure data retrieval page size, store an unlimited number of objects in data tables, expand your file storage any time you need it… Endlessly Backendless!

Built to Scale

Scalability is built into the design and the overall architecture of Backendless technology. Every moving part of the platform can be independently scaled to increase the product’s capabilities to handle ever-increasing traffic. Whether it’s the web tier responsible for processing API and console requests, the app server, or the data tier, each tier of the product supports horizontal scaling.

Open-Source Client SDKs

Backendless has a wide array of SDKs that are all open-source, well documented, and include numerous examples. When you choose Backendless Pro, you can use all the same Backendless SDKs that are available for our Cloud solution. We have SDKs for virtually all of the major clients on the market.

Backendless Marketplace Access

Your backend powered by Backendless Pro can be further enhanced through Backendless Marketplace purchases. Even though you run your own dedicated and isolated installation, you can still receive API services, database connectors, and code generators from the centrally located Backendless Marketplace.

Professional Support

Backendless Pro is easy to use but feature-rich and can be complex to set up properly. A simple installation consists of half a dozen worker processes. With the added complexity of the client-side APIs, odds are you might want to ask for help. The good news is professional support is included with every licensed Backendless Pro installation.

Backendless Pro Pricing

Single Server


$10k per year*

• On premise or Virtual machine
(Ubuntu required)

• All Backendless features

• Limitless Edition

• Regular updates

• Priority support

*plus 20% for support



$50k per year*

Everything in Single Server, plus

• High availability mode
No single point of failure

• On premise or Virtual machine
Minimum 3 nodes

*plus 20% for support

Backendless Pro Installation


Backendless Pro can be installed on any server hardware or virtual machine running Ubuntu. Backendless Pro Manager is an installation wizard that makes the installation process painless.

Backendless Pro Manager includes instructions for procuring a Backendless Pro trial license, so you will not need a license key before beginning the process.

Watch the videos to see step-by-step how to install Backendless Pro on your own virtual servers. Not seeing the provider you’ve chosen? Let us know on our support forum.

Installing Backendless Pro in

Follow this step-by-step video to install Backendless Pro on DigitalOcean virtual machines, or Droplets. GitHub instructions coming soon.

Installing Backendless Pro in
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Follow this step-by-step video, along with the instructions on our AWS GitHub page, to install Backendless Pro on AWS EC2 virtual machines.

Installing Backendless Pro in
Microsoft Azure

Follow this step-by-step video, along with the instructions on our Microsoft Azure GitHub page, to install Backendless Pro on Azure virtual machines.

More coming soon.

Backendless Pro FAQ

To evaluate the Backendless platform, we recommend you start with Backendless Cloud. With that option, you can start instantly without needing to download and install Backendless Pro and can get a feel for the platform. Once you’ve seen Backendless in action and decide to proceed with the Pro edition, we offer a short-term, free license to allow for staging and initial setup. Then, when the product is configured and up and running, you will need to arrange a permanent license.

Backendless Pro requires a license key for continuous operation for both development and production purposes. Without a license key, the product runs for two hours in a single-threaded mode.

Your application’s users, data, geopoints, and files can be migrated from a Backendless Cloud deployment to Pro using the export/import function built-into Backendless Console.

Yes, Backendless Pro is the same product as Backendless Cloud, but it is packaged for private deployments. Pro includes all features of Cloud without any of the limitations.

Unlike Backendless Cloud, which imposes functional limits, Backendless Pro has no limits whatsoever. This applies to API requests/second (unlimited in Backendless Pro), number of push notifications that can be sent, number of custom security roles that can be created, number of objects that can be stored in data tables, and all other limitations in Cloud. With Backendless Pro, all these restrictions are removed from the product.

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