Backendless Pro Pricing

Unlimited capabilities for a reasonable price.

Backendless Pro is the unlimited edition of the Backendless Platform that gives you the freedom to deploy it anywhere. Product pricing reflects the value built into the product. It is a flexible model that lets you scale out your backend in response to increasing customer demand.

Key Highlights

  • Subscription-based pricing.
  • Discounts available for startups and non-profits.
  • Simple pricing model - applies to the on-premise and cloud deployments.
  • No functional limitations or restrictions.
  • Professional support is included with every license.
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Backendless Pro Pricing FAQ

To evaluate the Backendless technology it is recommended to start with Backendless Cloud. With that option you do not need to download and install Backendless Pro and can get a feel of Backendless. Once you understand how Backendless works and decide to proceed with the Pro edition, we offer a short-term, free license to allow for staging and initial setup. After the product is configured and is up and running, you would need to arrange a permanent license.
Backendless Pro requires a license key for continuous operation for both development and production purposes. Without a license key the product runs for two hours in a single-threaded mode.
We offer discounted pricing for self-funded pre-revenue startups with fewer than 3 employees. Additionally, we offer discounts to non-profit organizations (we ask to be available to conduct a case study).
A single license key can be used in a deployment of the product, however, keep in mind that Backendless Pro requires that every machine where a product component is installed is properly licensed. This applies to all components of the product architecture. When purchasing a license, you should account for all machines (virtual and physical) which will make up your Backendless Pro backend. A license key will include the information about maximum number of machines.
Yes, the pricing is identical for deployments in a virtual machine vs one on a physical hardware.
Currently, we support the pay-per-use model, with hourly billing only for the Amazon EC2 deployments of Backendless Pro. Specifically, if you launch Backendless Pro through the Amazon Marketplace, you will benefit from the hourly billing. However, if Backendless Pro is installed on an EC2 instance through the installer, the standard license would be required.